5 reasons why you should invest in Quintana Roo

During the first half of 2021, the state received 164.6 million dollars of FDI, exceeding the 122.1 million accumulated last year.

Since 2020, Quintana Roo has become one of the best areas to invest and it is that in the first half of 2021, 164.6 million dollars of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) were captured, exceeding the 122.1 million of 2020. This demonstrates the security that investors have in the south and north of the Mexican Caribbean.

According to Andrés Aguilar Becerril, undersecretary of Tourism Promotion and Operation and Dispatch Manager of the Quintana Roo Tourism Secretariat (Sedetur), in what was 2021 and all of 2022, there could be more than 120,000 hotel rooms, which which implies a tourist investment of more than 2,300 million dollars.

This leads us to present you 5 reasons why you should invest in Quintana Roo

1. Location: It is a privilege to be surrounded by the coasts of the Caribbean Sea, as well as the Gulf of Mexico and to be only two hours from the US by plane. A plus both for tourists as well as better commercial flow.

Having a property here determines its capital gain because it is not only about the area where you have your home, but also the city or state.

2. Security: There are a series of laws and regulations that facilitate legal processes for those who want to create and establish new businesses and industries, both domestic and foreign, ensuring legal certainty.

3. Competitive prices: With the center and north of the country already saturated, it is increasingly difficult to find suitable real estate at an affordable price.

If we focus on the southeast, although it is true that it is at its peak due to all the characteristics already mentioned, it is still possible to find land at competitive prices, with cheaper square meters than in other parts of the country, providing a higher profit margin.

4. Quality of life: Here you will find a perfect mix of the modern environment of the luxurious tourist and commercial complexes, with the Mayan culture that is present, its traditions and customs that attract thousands of tourists every year.

5. Infrastructure: Quintana Roo stands out for having its first-class infrastructure and let’s not forget large projects that are currently under development such as the Mayan Train, so connectivity between routes will be easier and more effective, which translates into better flow and business opportunities.

Investments in Quintana Roo for this 2022

Quintana Roo has a promising outlook to invest during this 2022.

According to the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), the investment projection is 2,500 million dollars with properties that will be inaugurated in the course of the following months and in terms of housing, direct investment is expected to be 5 billion dollars. Dollars.

Among all industries, real estate is the best investment option and the most successful, especially if you do it in more sought-after areas such as Quintana Roo.

During February of this year, within the framework of the Third Meeting of Governors of the South Southeast of Mexico, the United States ambassador, Ken Salazar, announced that investments of between 30 and 90 million dollars in sustainable development projects from public-private partnerships, which are interested in participating in the digitization strategy, as well as environmental conservation.

The purpose of these efforts is to attract investment while seeking to make rational use of natural resources and serve the most vulnerable populations in the area.

The end goal? The sustainability of the entire ecosystem of the area.


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