New Tulum Airport

The airport will start operations in May 2024.

As part of the development for the southeast of Mexico, President López Obrador announced the construction of a new airport in Tulum, Quintana Roo, to counteract the demand presented by the Cancun airport.

“I tell you in advance that the new airport in Tulum is going to be built and the section from Tulum to Escárcega is going to be finished so that it will serve as transportation from Palenque to the Gulf. The project is advancing, we are going to explain everything, so that Quintana Roo is going to have a lot of boom, “he said.

“It is planned that this can accommodate up to four million tourists,” said General Gustavo Vallejo. He also commented that it will have a military base that will strengthen the security of the national airspace, assist the civilian population in the event of disasters and deal with forest fires.

They hope that the improvement of the infrastructure will help diversify the demand of people who travel to the Rivera Maya and that they can experience tourism, economic and social growth in the region. Thus promoting access to more archaeological sites in the world and the Mayan culture.

This does not stop there because they also announced an airport city with a 10.5 kilometer commercial and service corridor that will connect federal highway 307 with the New Tulum International Airport.

The Tulum airport will have the largest and best quality runway in the Mexican southeast, with an extension of 3,700 meters in length.

The project will have a total of:

  • Passenger terminal.
  • Military airbase.
  • Runway, platforms and taxiways.
  • Fuel terminal.
  • Platform for fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
  • Parking for passengers, employees, taxis, rentals and buses.
  • Access roads.
  • Mayan Train Station.
  • Load terminal.
  • Treatment plant and solid waste.

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